2013 Energy Outlook ConferenceASERTTI's Mission: ASERTTI's mission is to increase the effectiveness of energy research efforts in contribution to economic growth, environmental quality, and energy security. ASERTTI does this by:

  1. Collaborating on research projects with state, federal, and private partners.
  2. Sharing technical and operational information among members and associates.

Membership: Broad and inclusive.

Focus: Though not all members are state RDD&D organizations, ASERTTI's focus is state-level public interest energy RDD&D needs.

Status: ASERTTI is a 501.c.3 organization.

Energy RDD&D Agenda: ASERTTI supports the governors's core energy agenda. But given its broader membership and state-level public RDD&D focus, its complimentary agenda is broader than that of either the SEOs, or individual ASERTTI members.

Management Capabilities and Capacity: ASERTTI members vary considerably by size and mission. But virtually all ASERTTI members have proven RDD&D management capabilities and highly respected scientific and technical expertise. Members have a track record of accomplishments within their own states as well as in collaboration with other states and/or other public and private sector organizations. Many ASERTTI members have ongoing working relationships with federal agencies, including DOE and EPA.


  • Applied research, technology development, demonstration and deployment
  • Strong interest in end use efficiency and conservation
  • Supply side interests, including fossil fuels and renewable resources.

State energy RDD&D organizations have an energy mission similar to DOE's, possess in-depth expert knowledge and experience, manage substantial financial resources, and are where energy technologies and techniques are actually deployed - and have the contacts, expert knowledge and experience to facilitate deployment.

Most ASERTTI members' RDD&D is driven by some combination of interests in energy, the environment and the economy. A few members fund research intended to increase knowledge and understanding. More members either conduct and/or fund applied research to solve problems and develop either new or improved technologies. And virtually all ASERTTI members are involved in technology demonstration and facilitating deployment.

Several ASERTTI member's have programs that focus on renewable and fossil energy resources and infrastructure. More have programs in renewable energy resources and technologies. Virtually all ASERTTI members have a strong end use focus, primarily on energy efficiency and conservation. The interest in end use extends across all the consuming sectors.

How ASERTTI Does Its Work

ASERTTI promotes and facilitates energy RDD&D communication, cooperation, coordination and collaboration among its members and with other public and private organizations.

Operationally, this is accomplished by:

  • Sharing information
  • Participating in planning and program reviews
  • Co-sponsoring / co-funding projects
  • Sharing results
  • Informal liaison with other organizations

Everyone benefits when limited resources are spent wisely, i.e., knowledge, expertise and experience are shared, unproductive duplication is avoided and widespread application is facilitated.

ASERTTI is committed to effective, efficient, and productive collaboration.