Buildings Committee

ACEEE Summer Study in Buildings
Peter Douglas (NYSERDA) discusses ASERTTI’s paper and poster with
 an ACEEE Summer Study attendee.
The ASERTTI Buildings Committee works with public, private and nonprofit stakeholders to support the development and application of low-impact, energy efficient building technologies.

Committee Activities

Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium

The Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium  (CBC) was created in 2009 to address the need for a coordinated, broad-based industry/ government  effort to move the entire commercial sector over time, both new buildings and existing stock, to “net-zero” levels of energy performance. ASERTTI is a member of the CBC Steering Committee. Two ASERTTI Members serve as our representatives to the CBC:

  • NYSERDA -- Peter Douglas, Director End-Use Application and Innovation
  • Energy Center of Wisconsin -- Lee DeBaille, Principal Energy Engineer

Learn more about the CBC:

2012 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The Buildings Committee presented a research poster at the 2012 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The poster was a visual representation of the committee’s 2012 report, Building the Foundation for the Smart Grid. The report aimed to assess the smart grid’s potential to improve building energy efficiency; identify key technology needs; and catalog policies, regulations, and practices needed to propel the market for smart grid technologies that will advance building energy efficiency.

Buildings Committee Webinar

On May 21, 2012, the Buildings Committee hosted a webinar presentation by Vince Scarfo, Director of Government Relations at GE, and Mark Johnson of Accountmark, Inc.  The guest speakers presented on the use of infrared thermography to identify building energy efficiency retrofit needs.

Congressional Briefings

ASERTTI is a member of the High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition and has co-sponsored and presented at several of their recent briefings on the Hill. At the briefing on November 14, 2012 covering “The Promise and Proof of Net-Zero Energy Schools,” ASERTTI’s Executive Director, David Terry, was Co-Moderator and gave a presentation on the “National Perspective on High Performance and Net-Zero Energy Schools.” ASERTTI also co-sponsored on October 27, 2011 a briefing titled, "Overview and Update of Activity at the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC) for Energy Efficient Buildings."

Committee Projects