NASEO-ASERTTI Renewable Energy Committee

NASEO / ASERTTIā€™s Renewable Energy Committee provides education and outreach to the State Energy Offices in support of the integration of renewable energy onto the electric grid.  NASEO and ASERTTI initiated a joint Renewable Energy Committee to focus on these issues, as well as technology advancement, state and federal policy, and technical assistance, and to facilitate coordination among states and renewable energy organizations.  NASEO and ASERTTI will support their member state offices, which are uniquely positioned to catalyze state-led economic development efforts and to effectively meet energy security, fuels diversification, and environmental goals through effective commercialization and deployment of renewable energy.

NASEO is uniquely positioned to assist the states in the transition to a future in which significant amounts of renewable energy, both grid connected and customer-sited, become commonplace. Together with ASERTTI, which represents major state chartered energy technology institutions, a joint committee can effectively help promote and manage large-scale deployment of renewable energy in support of broad national objectives of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the clean tech industry, utilities, and partner organizations. The purposes of this committee are to identify issues worthy of consideration, develop strategies to enhance the capabilities and success of existing efforts among states, DOE and the national labs, identify and share suitable case studies and best practices, provide relevant information to membership, and working with organizations like the DOE, identify the means to address barriers to commercialization and deployment.

The joint NASEO-ASERTTI renewable energy committee will organize forums, convene discussion groups and workshops to share ideas and develop implementation strategies for renewable power and fuels. The committee will utilize ideas from both domestic sources and international experience.  As resources permit, the committee will commission analyses and seek technical assistance from partner agencies to address specific issues.

Committee Projects

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