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ASERTTI is a not-for-profit organization of state and local energy institutions that promotes research, demonstration, transfer, and deployment of advanced energy technologies that can contribute to economic growth, environmental quality and energy security and reliability in the United States. Collaboration and the development of working relationships to serve the public interest in energy is the main focus of ASERTTI's work.

ASERTTI members implement over $3 billion in energy programs and projects annually. There are many benefits to membership to ASERTTI, including the:

  1. Ability to share and receive information regarding new energy programs and emerging technologies to promote energy efficiency, demand side management, renewables, distributed generation, and other clean energy systems;
  2. Development of working relationships with other states, the federal government and other national energy RDD&D institutions;
  3. Ease in collaborating with other state and national level organizations to leverage funds and other resources to conduct joint RDD&D projects and to reach common goals.

ASERTTI can help expand and leverage your valuable resources. Learn more: ASERTTI Membership Brochure.

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